Oxyglobin Technical Support
Currently in production.


When Oxyglobin becomes available Dechra will be its exclusive distributor in the US and the EU.

Oxyglobin is a manufactured by Hemoglobin Oxygen Therapeutics LLC, a privately held company headquartered in Souderton, PA USA. Learn More Learn More

Oxyglobin  is indicated for the treatment of anemia in dogs by increasing systemic oxygen content (plasma hemoglobin concentration) and improving  the clinical  signs associated with  anemia, regardless of the cause of anemia (hemolysis, blood loss, or ineffective erythropoiesis). 

Oxyglobin® Use Video

View an Oxyglobin Solution video case study of a dog with thrombocytopenia and immune mediated hemolytic anemia being administered Oxyglobin.


Laboratory Reference Guide

Practical information for monitoring general interference with clinical chemistry laboratory analyses in canine patients after Oxyglobin administration.  Read More Learn More

Veterinary Bibliography

Review the Oxyglobin Veterinary Bibliography on the treatment of canine anemia. Read More Learn More